I Don’t Do It Alone, Part I

Friday’s post might have sounded like I try to do everything with Art of the Firebird all by myself. Well, I don’t — there are two people on whom I rely!

My husband, Gary, tends to stay behind the scenes most of the time, but he’s vital to my success. Any time there’s a problem that needs solving, he either comes up with the best solution himself or helps me evaluate possible solutions. He’s my chief engineer and fabricator — if I need something built, whether it be studio furnishings or display items, he’s designing and constructing it. He’s also our “roadie,” if you will, for shows, making our setup and takedown run smoothly and quickly, as well as running errands and usually bringing us lunch during the show (can’t have us selling on empty stomachs, after all). He will even get behind the table and schmooze with customers if necessary, though it’s not his favorite thing to do, and he’s ALWAYS urging me to hand out business cards everywhere we go.

Could I do it without him? I don’t want to ever have to find out! Gary is my biggest fan and supporter and yep, we’ve still got it :-)!

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