I was packing for my trip to Roanoke this evening and trying to decide what to take to read during those few minutes (mostly before bed) that I’ll have a chance to read. I had so many choices that I couldn’t make a decision! Magazines or books; if magazines, ones I can read & abandon or keepers; if books, fiction or non-fiction; if non-fiction, what type?

Then there’s the what to pack to wear on what day (knowing that whatever I pack I’ll probably wish I’d packed something else), and what to bring to keep my hands occupied.

At least there’s no indecision on our travel route — going up is via Asheville to visit Mountain Glass Arts, coming back is at least part way along the Blue Ridge Parkway. If I don’t care for traveling, especially work-related traveling, at least I can have some fun on the way up and back.

I just hope that deciding what we want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow isn’t such an endeavor!