On the Road to Roanoke


  • Even after rush hour ends, Atlanta traffic, even in the off-direction, is no fun.
  • There’s a Carhartt outlet at Commerce. I wonder if they carry women’s stuff.
  • Bulldogs are loveably slobbery fun to pet.
  • Playing tug-of-war with a 40 pound bulldog is a good workout for your deltoids & such.
  • The guys at Mountain Glass Arts don’t see me very often, but they do seem to like it when I (and my credit card) stop by.
  • Burger King’s food hasn’t improved in recent years.
  • What goes up, up, up on I-26 must eventually come down, down, down into Tri-Cities.
  • Andes Mint ice cream sandwiches are rather tasty.
  • It gets dark early in east Tennessee.
  • I-81 still has its share of crazy drivers after dark.
  • Sometimes it’s just as well to have snacks in the room instead of going back out hunting down a real dinner.
  • Three-Buck-Chuck Merlot is just fine when that’s all you got handy.
  • CSI trilogies are intensely creepily good at revealing that some people in the world are real sickos.
  • Some people out there are even worse procrastinators than I am.
  • My husband is still good at putting one over on me, though I’m still good at finding out prematurely that he’s done so.
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