Insanity is Hereditary…

…mostly you get it from your children, but if you are a college professor who is also a programming team advisor, you can also get it from your students, especially when they call you on their travels to share with you their more, ah, interesting adventures and observations.

Apparently one of those observations included a Honda Civic hatchback, with a gunrack in the hatchback. Not an empty gunrack, either, a gunrack with two shotguns and a rifle (or maybe the other way around) in it.

According to their latest Tweet, said students are busily studying in preparation for tomorrow’s contest. Not that I am going to check up on them, because they are at a different hotel. That is partly economics and partly an attempt to save my sanity and allow me to get some sleep tonight.

Truth be told, though they may make me want to bang my head against a wall on some occasions, and make me long for a large, potent Adult Beverage on other occasions, it is actually nice to have some enthusiasm and humor among my students for once…


  1. Why did I read the first paragraph and think immediately of john nash? Side note, did you ever get my capstone proposal?

  2. Gee, I don't have any idea why you would think any such thing!Yeah, I remember getting it, I think I read it, but I've had two glasses of wine tonight so I don't remember a thing about what it says X). Ask me again on, say, Tuesday…

  3. Coffee and ibuprofen are your friends

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