Visiting SC

Yesterday on the way home Dee and I got to Pendleton, SC just in time for the Hole in the Bead Gang meeting. Yes, we did plan it that way! I’d never been, though I’ve been invited numerous times, and though I may have been to The Mercantile once in a past life, I don’t really remember the visit.

Since it was a potluck lunch, we had stopped at Earth Fare in Greenville for something to bring and for me to stock up on my favorite trail-mix-type snack (Mocha Marble Crunch) and other yummies. Other folks brought really yummy stuff, and it wasn’t all dessert! I have to rave about (Jo’s husband) Chris’s chorizo stuffed mushrooms — OMG fabulous, MUST have the recipe if he’ll share! Krusteauz lime squares mix is definitely worth making as well. We also had a brown bag gift exchange, to which I contributed one of my slightly wonky heart pendants, and some odd game that Jo came up with involving a heavily wrapped box, heavily padded gloves, and one die.

Of course the best part was the Show and Tell. Andrea has been doing some very cool stuff with copper and Prismacolor pencils. If you want to see it for yourself come to the Down the Street Bead Show this weekend — she’ll have some of the pieces there for sale! Jo showed off her new project-in-progress, which I can’t say more about except to say that when it’s unveiled it will knock your socks off! Since we’d been traveling, we didn’t have a lot but Dee showed off her chainmaille and her first-handspun socks, while I showed the two chainmaille bracelets (square stainless steel Byzantine and diamond copper JPL) I made during the conference and my “show” chainmaille/bead earrings. Cindy’s pottery is wonderful, and her sister’s seed bead work is exquisite. Shane (who looks a lot like Abby from NCIS!) has been experimenting with bead crochet and with recycling plastic bags into, well, bags!

Driving home wasn’t fun — traffic, the setting sun, a nasty wreck off to the side, and more traffic when tired — but I was glad to finally BE home.