Show Prep

Unlike you may think, I don’t torch right up until the night before a show trying to make as much product as possible. Tonight, in fact, was likely my last session on the torch before this weekend’s Down the Street Bead Show.

Anything that’s made on a mandrel — that means beads — has to be cleaned after it comes out of the kiln and off the mandrel. That means hauling out the handy Dremel and zapping all the bead release out of the middle, under water. Yes, it’s messy! Once the beads are cleaned and dried, they have to be sorted and culled. The wonky ones go into the Infamous Wonky Box, first-quality experiments go into the Orphans box, and sets have to be matched up and grouped together before going on display. Sets and focals also have to be inventoried and priced. The beads have to be placed into the appropriate box or on the rods for the big upright display so that when we get to the show, we just put the rack together and it’s ready.

Actually, I had intended to just do pendants tonight, since they are not made on a mandrel and therefore don’t need bead release cleaned out. All I have to do is pull them out, rinse them off, and voila! ready for inventorying and tagging. But I realized that I had most of a really cool twisty remaining from torching last week, and that I should really finish off that set. So I did regular beads, and teeny beads for earring pairs, and a small focal bead to use it up. Then came the pendants — two hearts and two stones. I’m hoping that the odd lot batch of Solara I got recently strikes as nicely on pendants as on the two experimental beads from last week. If it does, it’ll be used for a lot more heart pendants!