Show, Day 1

It was slow. What can I say? Pretty much we were all in agreement — even Audrey, when she came and browsed late in the afternoon, said it had been slow. Of course, we have had shows with slow Saturdays before, and they have usually been followed by good Sundays, so we shall remain optimistic.

In the quieter moments today, I had chances to chat with some of the other vendors there. I found out from Kim St. Jean when she will be teaching at William Holland Retreat next summer (the last three weeks of July!) so I can account for that in my summer plans. I had a nice little visit with my little buddy Chase St. Jean, who actually DID remember me from back in August. I even made another chainmaille bracelet, my first one in open roundmaille, using mixed color niobium rings.

Even though it wasn’t terribly busy I came home exhausted, so it’s really time to go ahead and turn in. Crossing my fingers for tomorrow!