Where did the holiday go?

I had good intentions for this five-day weekend, I truly did. Like so many of my good intentions, they didn’t get completely fulfilled. I was going to:

  • catch up on the massive grading backlog. Well, I at least sorted out the papers and graded a little bit. A very little bit.
  • get a bunch of items listed at ArtFire and 1000 Markets for holiday shopping. I did get some photos taken and cropped/resized, so I can at least get some bracelets up this week, I hope.
  • do some more cold-connected jewelry pieces. Nada. I did do another chainmaille bracelet, but that’s it.
  • try out the Prismacolor pencils-on-copper technique. Nope, though I did at least get a bottle of gray gesso & some Krylon spray Saturday, plus found a couple of sheets of phosphor bronze mixed in among the copper at Dick Blick.
  • tidy up my studio. Let’s not even go there.
  • catch up on some reading. I barely managed to read the newspaper a couple of those days.
  • Sleep. Now, that’s the one true success this weekend. Most nights I did get plenty of sleep, which I badly needed.

On the plus side, I did a good deed by filling in for the Thursday evening meds person at Good Mews (and getting thoroughly carved up by Silver and Mickel in the process). I spent time with my entire family on Thanksgiving day (getting rather overwhelmed in the process), and some time today with part of it when we went over to wish my mom a Happy Birthday.

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