Google lost me!

Whoa! If you Google me by my maiden name, Julia Benson, I’m no longer on the front page except at the very bottom with my Google profile! Apparently some young, very well-endowed Canadian actress of the same name made her debut on Stargate Universe this fall and has taken over. We other Julia Bensons — me, the high school lacrosse player, and the former high school track star — have all been buried by all the boob-hype of the past couple of months.

I guess it’s a good thing I’ve been switching everything over to my married name and to Art of the Firebird over the past five years. I still totally own those monikers on Google. There IS no other “Julia Benson-Slaughter” (gawd I should hope not, that would be too freakin’ weird), and if there is another “Art of the Firebird” they’re well hidden.

1 thought on “Google lost me!”

  1. I first thought you meant they had lost you as in lost you as a customer. I was wondering what earth-shattering horrible thing they had done to lead to such an otherworldly event

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