Recent Doings

I know it’s been quiet here, mostly because I’ve been focusing a lot of my spare-time attention on the merger of my Art of the Firebird business with Andrea’s Four Tails Lampwork. After almost three years of doing shows together and managing money together without killing each other, or even a major snit, we decided that we might as well do an official business merger. A merger deserved a new name, so we decided after much debate on Copper Dancer Designs.

We’ve incorporated as an LLC, set up a website and a joint shop at Handmade Artists Shop, and are just waiting on that darn GA tax id to finish up the paperwork. We’ve also done three shows under the CDD name: ARTlantis 2010, Avondale Art-B-Que, and the June Down the Street Bead Show. We’re working on a bunch of applications for fall shows, so if you want to stay up to date on that, you’ll need to go over to our new website and sign up for our mailing list, or just keep checking the event calendar there.

Art of the Firebird is not going away, but I’ll keep most of the business-related stuff over at Copper Dancer Designs. That will let me post more personal things here, like my bellydance adventures, personal musings and rantings, and so on.