It’s November so that must mean…

…it's time for the big National Blog Posting Month event again for those of us who blog rather than write novels & such. So once again let's see if I can use November to get back on regular blog posting momentum again. After all, it's not like I have a shortage of things to write about, even if the business & art stuff ends up on the Copper Dancer Designs blog. I can write about bellydance, and losing weight, and eating low-carb without giving up my Trader Joe's Coffee Blast ice cream, and snowflake students (of which there are aplenty), and snowflake colleagues (ditto), and so on.

This is the third? fourth? year I'll have attempted NaBloPoMo. One year I actually succeeded. Let's see what transpires this year.

As for the momentous event of today, I'm not sure it qualifies as momentous, but it certainly made a (painful) impact. While I was doing meds at Good Mews tonight, William started beating up on Carson back in the kitchen. I was the only two-legs back there so I had to break it up. Unfortunately, I chose to try to put William into intake to keep him from continuing the fray, and he took rather violent offense by sinking his fangs into the tender underside of my forearm. So now I have two puncture-wounds and some additional scratches to monitor for infection after cleaning them thoroughly with Dermachlor. I already have some nice bruises arising from it also. Don't even bother asking if it hurt — you KNOW it did, like a MoFo. Put it this way — it was severe enough to justify filling out an Incident Report & leaving it on the desk. Ow.