Moving Up to Intermediate

Tonight started my first intermediate-level bellydance class, La Azon. The Windy Hill studio has been open long enough, and built up a base of repeat students, so now there are enough of us who are ready to move on that they were willing to try an intermediate class when we started requesting it. Most of my "bellydance sisters" have jumped on this opportunity — Mary, Cindy, Trinna, Deb, Gail, Katie, and probably others, so we have a great group ready to go.

We didn't waste any time tonight getting started — no need for orientation or history or studio rules, we already have heard them multiple times. Sabeeya started the music and we started moving! Since this dance is a longer song than the beginner dances, we started right into choreography the first night. There was still some serious drilling of moves, though. There are some tough moves, like reverse mayas, in La Azon, plus layering of moves (fast shoulder shakes while walking!) that are like patting your head and rubbing your tummy simultaneously. I think we were all feeling rather challenged by the end of the night. I saw a LOT of "HOLY CRAP" expressions on faces other than mine!

It's nice to feel like I'm ready for more of a challenge, even though there are still beginner choreographies I want to take.

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