All set up, come on down!!

This weekend is a biggie for us — it's Copper Dancer Designs' first big outdoor festival! We're heading over to Chastain Park for the second annual Chastain Park Arts Festival tomorrow and Sunday. It's going to be coooooold, I expect, with tonight's low at freezing or just below. By the time I get there tomorrow around 9:15 or so, it'll hopefully be back above freezing. The high is supposed to be in the low fifties, but that's pretty darn chilly when you're standing or sitting around.

We set up for the festival this afternoon. It was in the low fifties, but it was damp and cloudy and a bit breezy. I wasn't miserable — I've been MUCH more miserably cold in my life — but it wasn't exactly pleasant. Once we got the tent up, we at least had some shelter from the breeze, and when the drizzle started we were under cover. We're confident now that the tent walls will block a decent breeze, which is comforting. Gary and I had to leave at 4:30, and leave Andrea to finish putting things out in the increasing drizzle (which was mixed with SLEET at points, eep!). The setup looks good, and this gives us a chance to work out more kinks in it, and get a better idea what is working and what needs changing. We can also get more pictures for our show applications for next year.

Oh, yeah, and hopefully we can sell some jewelry items and make a little money, too!!

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