Don’t forget the attitude!

Three years ago, at the first show that Andrea and I did together, we saw the importance of a good attitude to having a successful show. This weekend's show is certainly testing our resolve at sticking to that principle. It's pretty tough to remain cheerful and friendly when the chill has penetrated your very bones, you lost feeling in your fingers hours ago, you dread having to visit the porta-potty again because you'll have to bare your backside to the elements, and the many people that walk into your booth and say very nice things about your work then walk on without pulling out the wallet and taking a piece home.

So you look for what there is to be happy about. We did get into the show, even though we are pretty much newbies on the circuit. It's an opportunity to test out some of our new display and booth arrangement ideas. It's a local show — we get to sleep in our own beds with our own critters. We made SOME sales :-). Lots of people were asking if we'd be back tomorrow (of course; we're not going to bail out when we committed to the full two days). We got to meet and pet and snorgle LOTS of wonderful dogs throughout the day!!! We get a free cupcake to split tomorrow. We get free coffee and/or donuts tomorrow. It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow. We fall back to standard time tonight so I get an extra hour's sleep. The show doesn't open until 11 a.m. so I get yet another extra hour's sleep.

How'm I doing?

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