I WILL Be Cheerful, Damnit!

Yes, today's weather was warmer. In fact, it was a GORGEOUS late fall day. But I'm far from perfect, and having spent the weekend feeling kind of like no one loved my work makes it hard to keep up that good attitude. This wasn't the worst show we've done, sales-wise, but it was close. I did get a couple of good ideas for new items from a couple of customers, so that helped my creativity. Our next-door booth neighbor loved one of my pairs of earrings, so I traded to her for a couple of prints of her paintings, which will go hang in my office to brighten it up. I saw an old friend from the Etowah Guild days, a fellow artist from the Avondale show, and my alternate-Friday-night-meds doppelganger there scoping out the show for a Good Mews booth next year. I had half of a fabulous cupcake, and a few REAL onion rings, the good kind. So there was good in it all.

Every show deserves a minimum of two chances unless it's a badly-run complete disaster. This was spectacularly run. So we'll give it another shot and see what happens. Sure, it may be that our work isn't right for THIS market, and if that's the case we'll move on. But the show itself is very well run, and just on that basis is worth another try.

Now to survive the week ahead, the CCSC conference & programming contest next weekend, and onward to the bead show in two weeks — THEN I can take a deep breath and go looking for my creativity once again.

Y'know, this business of being an artist is pretty damn tough, but then again, so am I!

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    • Andrea on November 8, 2010 at 9:42 am

    HUGS.  I understand totally.  Even though this time my sales were better than yours, they were nowhere NEAR what I had been hoping for from that area.  The festival itself was very enjoyable and superbly run, we had excellent neighbors and all in all there were many wonderful things about it.  But like you, I was full of doubt.  Was my stuff just not good enough–were we playing in a league that we aren't ready for?  Was this not our target audience yet?  Were we pricing our items too high or too low?  I know that the reports from other vendors was that there was a bit of a crap shoot–some were doing well and some weren't.  I wish there had been some way other than anecdotal to see which of the jewellery artists were doing well, to help gauge whether it was just us in THAT pool or if it was all artisans.

    Like you, I got some good ideas, and I do think we need to continue to rethink the booth.  We have the layout down, I think.  Now I want to focus on display — we were too busy, and not unified enough.  Time to make the hangings and decor decisions!

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