Drive-by Ramblings

One of the toughest things about committing to NaBloPoMo is trying to come up with something to write about for thirty days straight. It's especially hard when you are overwhelmed with the mundanity of life and just trying to get through to the next clearing in the forest. For me that will be, I guess, November 22, when the Down the Street Bead Show is over. I have been juggling things since mid-September and not keeping up terribly well with any of them, but I don't think I've dropped anything really major.

Thanksgiving week is usually a time to get caught up with grading, and this one won't be any exception. I guess I'm fortunate to have that much of a break for catching up. Plus when we have Thanksgiving dinner here, we usually have enough leftovers that there's no need to cook for the rest of the weekend.

Does it really make sense for life to be frantic yet incredibly uneventful?