I don't consider myself the most patient person in the world — far from it. I want things to get done, and done right, right now. To hell with waiting. I also have no patience with people that aren't willing to try, to put forth their best effort, when they are responsible for doing something. 

Oddly enough, when it comes to doing fiddly little art/craft things, I have plenty of patience. I had so many people tell me this past weekend that they didn't see how I could do chainmaille jewelry because they "just wouldn't have the patience." If someone sees me doing something with seed beads, it's the same thing. Apparently, there is something about repetitive motion that soothes me. When I'm melting in the encasing glass on a bead, or melting down the stripes of glass for a twistie, or imploding a layer of frit on a maria, I can sit there for as long as it takes, gently turning and moving the mandrel or the rod to smooth and even out the molten glass. It's very hypnotic to watch the glass change and flow slowly into itself, and my mind can go off into a free-floating yet very conscious (necessary!!!) state. The same with chainmaille, as I build the pattern by sliding each ring into place with its brethren, checking the closure carefully to make sure it is smooth and even. Likewise with the seed bead stitching, placing each bead one by one into it's proper location to build the pattern bit by bit.

These activities fully engage my hands, but don't necessarily fully engage my brain. They require focus, yet leave room for mental flow. Add to that the satisfaction of creating something with my two hands and my tools, and I find the act calms my mind and body both. I suppose people equate that with patience, then.

But oh, my, do not try to convince me that I am a patient person when it comes to other people and their irresponsible behaviors that try to take advantage of the world!