Welcome to Thursday Nights at Windy Hill, started by a middle-aged klutz who took up bellydance on a whim and a dare, fell in love with it, and made a bunch of fabulous new friends whose stories may also show up here.

The name comes from the fact that we came together as a result of taking whatever class was scheduled on Thursday night from 8:00 until 9:00 p.m.  at Nazeem Allayl Studio’s Windy Hill location. Partly it is scheduling, partly it is our teacher, the fabulous Sabeeya. That doesn’t mean that this is the only time any of us take classes — you’ll frequently find us here earlier on Thursday nights, or on Tuesday nights, or on other nights as well. We even occasionally show up at the other studio locations, either for classes or for workshops and studio show rehearsals.

About a year and a half after this location opened, we started asking for, and got, mixed-level and intermediate classes at that time slot. Sure, we still take beginner level courses as well, but we are the group that has been here  consistently and is looking for new challenges. Fortunately we have a teacher who is happy to oblige!