Urban Tribal Fusion Combinations

I wasn’t totally sure about this class before it started, but it turned out fabulous. Combinations classes aren’t my favorite because you learn something one week and that’s it. Forty seconds of a song just leaves me wanting to continue, but not confident enough of what I did the first forty seconds to build on it.

I can’t decide whether I’m really a fusion kind of dancer or not. It’s fun to explore that side, though. The moves are definitely funkier than I’m used to and yet require more precise control. Being an intermediate class, layering was a HUGE part of this and it’s something I’m still struggling with.

I loved the music choices for this class! I really hated missing week 2, because Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” a new favorite of mine, was the chosen song. We had a couple of weeks of Beats Antique, which were fun as well. But the last class was, as you might guess, the pièce de résistance! Sabeeya, after swearing to kick the ass of anyone who dared claim this as their own ever, shared the first part of her incredible “Carol of the Bells” dance which had left my jaw on the floor at the last Hafla. It was way beyond pretty much everyone, of course, thanks to the fast tempo of the moves, the intricate layering, and a couple of funky moves we’d really never seen before, but we had a total blast trying to bring out our inner Fierce Women.