And so it begins…

First things first – YAY Julia for starting this blog!! What a fun idea!

A little bit about me. My posting name is Margali. I dreamed of dancing from a very early age.  But financial issues kept my parents from being able to enroll me in dance classes when I was young.  Later, I felt I was too overweight and too ungraceful to dance.  I cut myself off from this dream for years because of the limitations I set on myself.   2 1/2 years ago, I found my belly dance studio.  I printed out the registration form and it sat on my desk for a month until I got up the nerve to take a walk in workout class.  I went all by myself – striking out on my own in a way I had never done before.  The teacher was wonderful and explained everything we were doing very clearly.  I was so excited when we started.  And I sucked BIG TIME!!!  I was hot, sweaty and sore.  And I fell in love with belly dancing!!!!

My first choreography was Haya gat Alaya – a fun, sassy dance with lots of hip work!   Cut to now – I’m 45 and fabulous!  I’ve lost those negative people and negative attitudes that keep me down; I’ve shed 75 pounds; I’ve become more confident.  And, I’ve learned SO much about dance and about myself. 

Thursday nights at Windy Hill classes are filled with intermediate dancers and beautiful women of all sizes and ages. I hope to join Julia is making regular posts to this new blog to chronicle our journeys and explorations into the larger world of belly dance.