After twenty years, a first

One of my students came up after class this evening and handed me an invitation to this month’s Phi Theta Kappa honor society induction, saying that I and my class meant a great deal to her and she wanted me to know that. When I read the entire thing, I was very touched, and quite honored! Apparently each Phi Theta Kappa inductee is allowed to recognize one professor at the ceremony who has been especially important in their academic career so far — I didn’t know that. So I get a certificate and a really meaningful attagirl (really meaningful because it comes from a student!).

In twenty-one years at GPC, I’ve never received one of these invitations from a student before. I’m especially pleased that it is from this woman, because she is one of those very special non-traditional students — a older African-American working mother who sets the standard for the rest of the class and is a great example for her children. When I allowed students to get extra credit for attending Maker Faire, she not only came herself, she brought her children and made sure they got something out of it. When a student started giving me a hard time for being behind on grading between over-scheduling and Dad’s death, she had my back — “we women have to stick together!” She’s one of the uncommon ones who cares, and thus pushes me to be a better professor. So I say, Thank YOU!