Sunday Adventures at Chastain

I’m really tired out after this weekend’s show, but I do have to share today’s unusual event. Andrea and I were interviewed on camera today by two students from the Holy Innocents’ School media program. They were interviewing some of the artists at the festival for a feature on the school’s closed circuit broadcast channel just before Thanksgiving. I’m not quite sure why they chose us, since I was off visiting the porta-facility when they arrived at our booth, but they did. We did a nice tag-team job of answering their questions and trying to follow their rules, though we are far from experienced interviewees.

You may get to see the finished version of our interview at some point. I did ask them to send us a copy of the video so we could post it on the Copper Dancer Designs web site, properly credited of course, so we shall see what comes of that.

Beyond that excitement du jour, there’s not much to say about this show. We made friends with our festival neighbors, saw several of our former ones, sold some but not as much as we would have liked, and of course had yummy pizzas (apple, and white) from S&J’s Wood-Fired Pizza. I found out I’d been practicing my knit stitch incorrectly, and corrected it only to find that the correction actually makes it rather easier. The time change has me all askew, so the time has come as of now to go flop into bed & let my head hit the pillow.