It’s too frickin’ early for Christmas stuff!

It’s bad enough that we’re already inundated with holiday commercials and that Christmas merchandise was already flooding the store shelves before Halloween even arrived. All of the holiday arts & crafts shopping events seem to happen in November, too.  WTF??? Seriously, the Christmas season should run from the day after Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day. With the way it is today, I am sick of Christmas hype even before Thanksgiving. Of course, I don’t celebrate Christmas per se, but Yule instead. Even so…

It’s a problem not only from the perspective of personal peace of mind, but from the business point of view as well!

We have been trying to find a holiday-type fair or festival for Copper Dancer Designs to participate in so we can take advantage of the holiday shopping season. The trouble is, for us, November is still business-as-usual. We had the Chastain Park Arts Festival this past weekend to end up the outdoor-festival season, and the last Down the Street Bead Show is next weekend. For the former, people aren’t quite in a holiday shopping mode yet, and for the latter, people aren’t doing holiday shopping there unless it’s for beading friends or for themselves. Both of those manage to conflict with holiday-type events. It doesn’t help that the second weekend of November is always the CCSC conference, which takes me out of commission for the weekend.

We thought about putting on our own holiday open house type of event, but the big problem was coming up with an affordable spot in a decent location. None of the ideas worked out (though we have a couple to follow up on for next year, possibly). Plus an event like that is a major logistical headache which I wasn’t quite ready to take on this fall.

Then yesterday the possible perfect event fell in my lap, thanks to the connections I’ve made on Facebook over the last two years of doing art shows. Andrea Zoppo, the program director for the Oakhurst Community Garden, posted about the upcoming Handmade Gift Fair at Oakhurst Church. It’s not until December 10. It’s in an area of town where we do well sales-wise because apparently our artistic vision matches up with that demographic. It’s one day, indoors, and not spendy to do. When I asked her about it, she said that our work should do well there; she gave me the contact information for the coordinator and said to use her name.

So there is a packet on my desk containing an application, a CD of images, and a check ready to go in the mail in the morning. A one-day holiday show will make a nice break from grading final exams, after all. Fingers crossed!!!