What do you do when you have nothing to say?

I’m tired tonight. I had my long day of classes, where nothing momentous happened. The only unusual thing at work was that I met with the programming team to discuss this weekend’s competition. Even with them I don’t have that much input — they are pretty much all adults so I treat them as such, and make them responsible for their own logistics and such.

Then I had three hours of dance class tonight. One hour ended up a private lesson with Lacy, where I got some hints & tips & explanations that look like they’ll make a real difference. The second hour was our hips class, working on the veil choreography to finish it out. Since I came in on that choreography a couple of weeks in, I’ve been struggling a bit to catch up, which is tiring. The third hour was the last session of the zills class. None of the three was particularly strenuous, but still, after three hours I’m tired, tired enough that the brain is not fully functioning or creative.

I looked at the NaBloPoMo prompts so far for this week and said Meh. None of them held any writing appeal. In fact, they were all very Big Topics that would require a small epistle to explore, had I felt the urge to do so.

So I’m blathering a little, just for the writing exercise. I’ll miss dance class tomorrow night because Mary’s knee is banged up and I have to get up at 5:30-5:45 on Friday to drive to Greenville. Hopefully by tomorrow night I’ll have something to say here, have come up with something reasonable to write about. But for now, my body is tired & my brain is empty. I think a shower and sleep are in order.