I’d Rather Do It Myself

I found out today that one of the two people we hired to teach CS this year is quitting at the end of the semester. That’s all I know about it because I didn’t want to pry for the gory details in such a public setting, but my suspicion is that he didn’t really have a clue what teaching at a community college is all about. His perception was what he saw the professors doing at the Large Research University where he earned his Ph.D.

We don’t teach one or two classes per semester; we teach four or five. That is certain to involve at least two preps, more likely three, sometimes four. We don’t do much in the way of research, and what we do is teaching-related, not subject-matter-related. The committee work is something that occurs everywhere, and it’s not going to be much different from one academic institution to the next. And no, you don’t necessarily get to teach what you want, when you want — curriculum is dictated by committees directed by Higher Powers, and scheduled according to the needs and desires of the customers, er, I mean the students.

Anyway, this means another search this year. In fact, I was told that there would be TWO CS searches this year, one for a F2F position and one for an online position. That’s three years running. When The Dean told me that Person was quitting, she grinned and said “you know what that means,” followed by something along the lines that I didn’t HAVE to chair the committee unless I wanted to. It didn’t take much thought to say I didn’t mind chairing it. The alternatives would make me bat-shit crazy — One is disorganized as all get-out, Two won’t do anything unless you tell them exactly what to do and when to do it, and Three, well, let’s just say that Three won’t do for various reasons. So I can either go crazy with someone else chairing the committee or go crazy chairing it myself.

I think I’ll chair it myself. At least then I can control the crazy.