Me Time

I never subscribed to the common belief that women were supposed to put husband and children first, then other family, then community, and themselves last. I’ve always needed Me Time, and I never was willing to sacrifice it for someone else’s needs. Maybe it would get abbreviated at times, but something had to be there so that I could decompress & recharge.

It was hard to find that time when I was in my first marriage and primarily responsible for raising my son. I had to learn to take it in little dribs and drabs — waiting for the school bus, grabbing breakfast between the school drop-off and the arrival at work, whatever snatches of time came along. Even then, the temptation was strong to DO something productive with that time. I got around that fairly often, though, by using the time to journal.

Today I took the free hour between work and dance class and just chilled, Me Time. I went to the Starbuck’s near the dance studio, got a latte, and sat down with my computer & my knitting. I took a few minutes to finish up & publish a long-delayed blog post on Thursday Nights at Windy Hill, and then just sipped my latte & knitted a bit. I had to really fight the urge to see what else in the to-do book could be done at that moment. Luckily, the Internet connection was slow today, so there really wasn’t much I COULD do except sit and sip and knit and turn the brain off.

It felt good.