Farewell to Some Feline Friends

The volunteers of Good Mews Animal Foundation are having an emotional November. Two of our most memorable residents have made the journey to Rainbow Bridge; a third will be joining them tomorrow morning.

Pops was found up near Canton on a brutal January weekend, emaciated and frozen almost to death. Marley was found huddled under a dryer vent in the cold of November in similar condition, with matted clumps of his half-shaved-off fur weighing his frail body down. Good Mews took in both of them in, and miraculously, with treatment and loving care, they survived their respective ordeals. Once healthy, both were adopted by families who loved and spoiled them as they deserved. Pops was renamed Lionel, and enjoyed all the comforts that an elderly cat deserves. Marley made an appearance at last month’s Kitty Kegger, where he was the star of the evening as the symbol of all that Good Mews embodies.


Sadly, age and past suffering caught up with both of them. Pops crossed the Bridge on November 1st, and Marley followed him two days later.

Today we found out that Theo, our “Shelter Manager” until he was adopted a year ago by the Brabant family, will make the journey tomorrow. Theo has been battling renal failure for some months now, and it has clearly progressed to the point where prolonging his life would only be prolonging suffering. Theo is one of a kind — a handsome black cat who loved to dress up in fancy collars and ties, a cat with his own Facebook account, loved by everyone who knew him.

Theo Brabant, New Years 2011

Looking very dapper, our Theo!


Theo will not only meet up with Marley and Pops, he will be reunited with his best friend Marshmallow, who passed away at the shelter from a sudden heart attack in March, 2010.

BFFs Forever -- Theo and Marshmallow

In addition, one of our own lost her battle with cancer  a week and a half ago. Fellow adoption counselor and volunteer Janey MacIntyre will be missed by all the other volunteers who knew and worked with her over the years.

Those of us left behind grieve and miss them, but we are comforted to know that they are out of pain and at peace.