ATS I Comes to an End

Tonight was the last night of our six-week ATS (American Tribal Style) Level I class. It turned out I was the only one who made it to class! Andrea had to teach; it was Kat’s daughter’s birthday; I have no clue where Jeannette was.

Well, when you’re the only one in class, you get challenged. After reviewing and drilling all the moves we’d learned, Lacy threw me in the deep end, so to speak. She put on a couple of songs, a “slow” one and a “fast” one, and we just danced, with me leading much of the time. It’s one thing to just drill moves — it’s quite another to actually dance, especially to unfamiliar music and when you’re just not comfortable yet with the whole concept. It’s the kind of practice that I need, though, because what I have the worst problem with no matter what style I’m dancing is transitioning from one move to the next. Actually, if it’s just hip moves and movement I don’t find it so bad. But those darned arm movements get me every time! So we kept stopping and starting as she had suggestions of what I needed to work on or as I got stuck on figuring out a transition from one move to the next. I also seem to be stuck on this four-count mentality because I tend to get in a rut of doing one thing for four eight-counts, then another, then another, especially with the fast music which is almost always in 4/4 time.

But hey, I enjoy a challenge. Every now and then I’d get just a flash of “YES! THIS IS IT!” before something went haywire or got out of sync and I felt like the world’s biggest klutz once again. I’m sure that not having to share the leading responsibility with my classmates tonight pushed me. I know I am getting better at following, though I still get messed up pretty often.

Now I get a month off from ATS before the next session, so I better get out my DVDs and work on my own. Late June and the ATS General Skills Intensive will be here before I know it!