Alicia of BellyCraft Workshop

Back in January Alicia Sparaco of BellyCraft came to Pera Dance Studio here in Atlanta for two days of workshops. I wasn’t able to do the whole weekend, but since my son had been at a loss as to what to give me for my birthday, he gave me the two Saturday workshops as my birthday gift! I had missed Alicia when she came to Atlanta in August of 2009, just after I started taking bellydance classes, because I felt way too intimidated to jump into a workshop with a “big-name” teacher that soon. This time, I was ready.

The morning workshop, “BellyCraft Bellydance” – Signature Style, Technique and Combinations, introduced the signature BellyCraft style of dance, with drills and refinements to basic movements to give them a distinctive look. After lunch, Alicia presented “Shake, Rattle and Roll” – Bellydance Hipwork, Shimmies & Bellyrolls, working us hard as we practiced and refined the strength and power of these movements. Both workshops, I found, were within my capabilities but definitely pushed my abilities just a little farther than they’d gone before. The best part, though, was getting to eat lunch with Alicia there at the studio while several of us had a lively chat about teaching and student motivation. I may not be a dance teacher, but I have twenty-plus years of teaching experience to draw upon to contribute — the topic and the issues are the same whether you are talking about teaching dance or teaching computer science!

Posing with Alicia after the workshop:

Julia and Alicia at her workshop

Nawar’s video from the Saturday workshops, with a soundbyte from me at about 1:40. I sound kind of like a dork, but hey, it was totally off the cuff!