A Night in the Oasis!!

We originally thought we wouldn’t get to attend Mina’s inaugural Hafla at the Oasis because Amoora was supposed to have an event that night. But it got postponed, so Lacy arranged for her students to debut her first ever group choreography there. I missed the original email about it, so when I realized what was happening I was “whoa, do I YIKES or do I SQUEEE?” After some thought, I decided to SQUEEE.

I had a show that weekend at the Cobb Galleria that ended at six p.m. on Saturday, so I took my costume with me and changed in the restroom as soon as it closed. Of course, I forgot my caftan; luckily I had worn a big skirt so I could put that over my costume long enough to get to the venue.

Kavarna Cafe is a little bitty place in the heart of the Oakhurst neighborhood of Decatur. By the time I arrived, 45 minutes before showtime, it was already crowded. I found a corner in the dancers’ area and sat on the floor to put on my stage makeup without getting stepped on. Then there was nothing to do but wait for the rest of “Lacy’s Students”, schmooze with the other dancers, get a last-minute pep talk from Lacy, and watch the acts before ours. Then…


(You will perhaps note that I SERIOUSLY screwed up there in the last 30 seconds by forgetting a critical turn, but I was SO into the moment that I didn’t realize it until the very end. I hope I covered it up decently! )

After that, we watched the other performers until intermission. Lydia, Cat and I had a conference with Lacy outside, at which point the idea of a true student troupe came up, to which Lydia and I said “what are you waiting for, we’re ready!” More on that subject later. Then I had to leave, as the bead show continued on Sunday, even though I hated missing the second half of the dancing, alas.

Thank you to my students Janine and Alicia and my fellow dancer Terri for coming out to cheer me on — it was so nice to have your familiar faces out there!