A Few Words of Wisdom From ATS® GS

I thought I’d share with you some of the more notable words of wisdom I picked up during the General Skills Certification. Mostly they are paraphrased because I was writing too fast to write down exact quotes.

  • Your brain lives in an ivory tower, and would prefer you not move at all. It wants you to just sit in a comfy chair and eat carbs instead.
  • When you turn, blink. But you can’t make it happen, you have to let it happen.
  • “The lead makes the suggestion and the follower confirms it.”
  • “Happy Hour ends at 9 o’clock.”
  • Duets do not fade!
  • Fades have to be big. Commit!!
  • Taxeem and reverse taxeem look like opposites, but the internal mechanics are completely different.
  • “Performance is not the time to try something new!”
  • Push yourself 100% in the classroom, but only 80% in performance. The audience will still see it as 100%.
  • Belly rolls and flutters are mind as much as body. They don’t take strength; they take awareness and control.
  • Some bodies just aren’t built that way. (w.r.t. laybacks)
  • No matter what, try not to bang your knees. Even with knee pads, it hurts.
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