An Impromptu Performance

The weekend after July 4th my nanobusiness, Copper Dancer Designs, was at the Sandy Springs Artsapalooza to sell our jewelry. The AFFPS shows generally not only have an artist market, they have entertainment as well. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so good, and sometimes, well…

Sunday at noon the stage hosted Aviva and the Flying Penguins, along with our friend and bellydance teacher Jenny Nichols. Andrea- & I agreed we would take turns going up to the stage to watch, because Jenny is definitely worth watching!


So there’s the band playing, and Jenny dancing on this postage-stamp area of the stage, moving down onto the blazing-hot asphalt periodically for a little more room to move. And when I say hot, I mean HOT — it was in the low 90s by that time of day and getting hotter. Jenny had to ditch the cute cat mask after just a few minutes because it was just TOO darn hot. The band is great, the best we’ve heard at any of the AFFPS events. Jenny is trying to get the passers-by involved, so she grabs me and her friend Stephanie by the hand and drags us  up there to jam. We jam & goof off. Then it’s time for me to pop back down to our tent & let Andrea have a turn.

Andrea didn’t stay up there long because it was just too hot for her, so I took advantage and went back up. This time I wasn’t up there two minutes before Jenny dragged me out there again. This time I wasn’t just jamming — Jenny let me know (without words, just that non-verbal communication that bellydancers have) to follow along with what she did.

By golly, I DID IT. I kept up with her! That ATS training kicked in, at least the part with cueing and following. We managed a nice little totally impromptu duet, her in her cute dancer costume and me in my tank top & skort and Keen sandals — not exactly standard dancer attire! What’s more, I ENJOYED it! I didn’t do my usual self-conscious stage not-quite-hidden freak-out; I was in the moment, moving with the music, & the only thought in my mind was “Hey!! This is awesome!!!”

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture to show you because the woman who was taking some hasn’t sent me any yet.