27 Reasons (Plus a Few of My Own) to Love ATS® Bellydance

I ran across the original list given here by Cherie Dawn on her website, Cherie Dawn Loves Fire.

  1. Dancing barefoot
  2. 20-yard skirts
  3. Tapping into mysterious roots of feminine movement
  4. Using ankle bells, coin belts and coin bras to contribute to the music/percussion
  5. Attending classes to learn new combinations
  6. Bindis and tribal markings
  7. Earthy, heavy drum beats
  8. Incredible melodies from string and wind instruments
  9. Community – close/local and national
  10. Individuality through personal costuming
  11. The spirituality, akin to yoga practice (the focus/be here now)
  12. Zils
  13. Sword work
  14. Sweat
  15. Haflas
  16. Sewing miscellaneous jewelry onto belts and tops to create costuming
  17. Ankle bells
  18. Playing with eyeliner
  19. Communication with other dancers and musicians
  20. Coming or going during any song as you please
  21. It just feels good!
  22. Finding, using, training new muscles
  23. Using intuition while moving to improvisational music
  24. Masculine (usually musicians) and feminine (usually dancers) energy, balanced and combined
  25. All the color seen while dancers twirl and move
  26. Dreadlocks and tattoos
  27. Learning to breathe with the movements

It got me thinking about other reasons I love ATS® specifically and bellydance in general:

  1. Working seamlessly within a group
  2. It’s all about the flow
  3. The women with whom I dance
  4. Laughter!!
  5. Losing my fear of performing
  6. Making my left brain & my right brain work together
  7. Having something to fall back on during open dancing at haflas & parties