10 Signs You Should Start Belly Dance Classes Now

Guest post by Amy Danielson of The Eye Atelier, reprinted by permission

This list was compiled from the comments of lots and lots of belly dancers, and from the life experiences of Alexandra Moehagen and Amy Danielson.

1. You already wear all your jewelry at once.
2. When you listen to *any* music, you secretly want to dance. Or you just do. In the living room. In the grocery store. Wherever.
3. You have body issues, and are SO READY to face them.
4. You’re going through a major change.
5. You need a bigger social life. A lot bigger. But one you can pick and choose from so that it fits your lifestyle.
6. You find yourself going into bohemian shops and saying things like, “But I would have nowhere to WEAR this…” while sadly fingering the jewelry and clothes.
7. You already do yoga, zumba, and anything else that comes along to your local studio. Maybe all of the above.
8. You have at least 2 cats.
9. You have a lot of very strong opinions and are well read.
10. Three words. DRAMATIC EYE MAKEUP

from letzmakeupblog.com, used under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license