43 Things is Gone, But I Retrieved My List

I didn’t realize it, but 43 Things went away at the first of the year. Somehow I never got any notification, so never knew to export my data there. But fear not, the Wayback Machine had me covered! I was able to copy it from here, and am pasting it here for posterity even though it isn’t a full 43 Things, and I’ve actually accomplished some of them in the meantime! I did omit the entries, cheers, and number of people with the same goal because, well, none of those matter anymore with the original site gone. The important thing is the list, after all.

Art of the Firebird’s Life List

NumberThingCurrent Status
1.Be a glass artistI’d say I’m a glass artist by now, and a jewelry artist, and still growing at it.
2.Become a better bellydancerWorking on it — joined a troupe, perform regularly, and take multiple classes a week plus workshops when appropriate.
3.Lose 25 poundsIf anything, negative progress. I do eat mostly healthy and clean but the weight does not come off. I have to wonder if it’s a combination of thyroid, insulin resistance, and the antidepressant sabotaging me. I don’t care what Big Pharma says, I put the weight back on after I started the antidepressant and it just does not budge!
4.Exercise regularlyThat’s the dance, but I need to do more, walking and strength training in particular.
5.Keep up with my journalBlogging & social media have pretty much replaced my journal, but I should make time for it as well.
6.Be a better bloggerTwo blogs, both neglected. Tsk tsk.
7.Keep my studio organized and cleanOh jeez. Don’t even go there, especially because I have to store most of the “show stuff” in there as well.
8.Minimize existing clutter and excess possessionsAn ongoing effort to say the least.
9.Learn PHP and MySQLLearned some, not enough.
10.Learn to use my digital cameraNot enough, though I am getting better with my smartphone camera.
11.Make a zineNothing but a few ideas.
12.Create a home inventoryStill need to get on that.
13.Compile a 100-things-about-me listI’m up to, what, 65 now?
14.Become a better photographerNope.
15.Learn CPRDONE as of September 2014!
16.Never stop learningThis is not a goal to ever complete, if you think about it.
17.Draw every dayNope–but I really should at least draw out the jewelry designs I come up while on the spinalator at the chiropractor’s office.
18.Walk a labyrinthNo, but no reason I can’t do this one.I just need to do it.
19.Be a better web designerEnh, maybe.
20.RelaxTard relax
21.Read all the books in my “must read” pileHAHAHAHAHA!!!
22.See the northern lightsNope
23.Manage my finances betterProgress, not perfection.
24.Promote my websiteMostly delegated at the moment for the business site.
25.Make a will, living will, and last wishes documentThis REALLY needs to get done!
26.Make my own bellydance costumesDoes a tribal bra count?

Do realize, mind you, that I HAVE done other things that were not on the list and that I neglected to add to it as they came to pass. I started a business, learned chainmaille and knitting, started drumming and co-curated a digital textbook among other things. So it’s not as bad as the list looks.