Category: Bellydance

Mar 05

List Me, Baby!

(C4ward March Blogathon Day 4) Five Goals to Achieve Sometime Before I Die Create jewelry items that tribal dancers buy, love, and wear while performing. Perform a solo at a major bellydance event like TribalCon. Travel to New Zealand, and maybe Australia too. DH & I don’t really care that much for travel, but we …

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Aug 27

No, it isn’t!

Mar 06

Alicia of BellyCraft Workshop

Back in January Alicia Sparaco of BellyCraft came to Pera Dance Studio here in Atlanta for two days of workshops. I wasn’t able to do the whole weekend, but since my son had been at a loss as to what to give me for my birthday, he gave me the two Saturday workshops as my …

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Nov 14

Overcoming fears

From NaBloPoMo, today’s prompt courtesy of Ricki Lake: I was terrified to go on DWTS, but facing my fear and overcoming it has been an incredible experience. Have you faced fears and overcome them? I’ve been terrified every time I’ve had to get up in front of strangers and do ANYTHING. I have never enjoyed …

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Nov 12

The benefits of being physically active

Today I’m killing two birds with one stone, so to speak: satisfying today’s Daily Challenge, “Share or write down the biggest benefit you get from being physically active,” by writing this blog entry. Most of my physical activity is either all the everyday walking around that I do, or my bellydance classes. Walking is good …

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Nov 02

Why I haven’t been blogging

There are multiple reasons, of course. It’s not like I’ve been totally incommunicado. I do post a lot on Facebook and I Tweet fairly often. That isn’t blogging of course; much of it is just curating & sharing other people’s links & photos & articles. I have been busy doing things, just not blogging. Andrea …

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Jan 20

On not dorking it up

Tuesday night in dance class, we reached a point in the Pharonic choreography where our teacher She'nez had the class members form groups of four. We all milled around for a moment, and I realized I was in a foursome with a former troupe member and two current troupe members! Eeep! My first reaction was …

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Nov 15


If you don't know, "hafla" is the Arabic word for "party," and last night Nazeem Allayl Studio held a hafla to celebrate their eleventh anniversary. When they have a hafla, it's for students and their guests; any student who wants to perform can sign up for a slot or two and do a dance for …

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Nov 11

Gotta dance

I find it amusing, at the least, that after 52 years I finally found some form of exercise that I can be passionate about. Given that I was always the clumsiest and least athletic kid around, it's probably obvious why I loathed P.E. classes. I honestly tried to learn to play softball and basketball, but …

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Nov 04

Moving Up to Intermediate

Tonight started my first intermediate-level bellydance class, La Azon. The Windy Hill studio has been open long enough, and built up a base of repeat students, so now there are enough of us who are ready to move on that they were willing to try an intermediate class when we started requesting it. Most of …

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