Category: Best of the Week

Jan 27

Another “Catch-Up” Best Blog Posts Post

Since we’re still not caught up with the backlog of blog posts, here’s another installment of the catchup series. Today, we’re featuring some “eye candy” posts! Karolen has been making some new silver gemstone beads that are incredible! Marcy Lamberson talks about the creation of Keely the Peacock, er, Peahen. Yep, you can always count …

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Jan 25

Best of the Week ending 1/25/2009

Here you go, the best of the lampworking blogosphere this week: Most of us have beloved pets, but sometimes their mischief in our studio can wreak true havoc. Andrea Winkler’s four-legged guest caused quite a panic when he got into her lampworking supplies last weekend. Sheila Morley shares some of her recent murrini experiments at …

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Jan 24

The “What Tarot Card Are You” Quiz

Kandice Seeber at Coloraddiction pointed me to the “What Tarot Card Are You?” quiz online. I can’t say the result surprised me at all — that’s always been the Major Arcana card I’m most drawn to, and the “make or break” card when it comes to whether I’ll like a particular deck or not. You …

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Jan 18

Best of the Week Ending 1/18/2009

Really. It’s a real Best of the WEEK. I’m not caught up with posting the backlog yet, but I’ll put up another special mid-week post or two to finish that process. Going back to color, Kandice Seeber has something new to say about seasonal color at ColorAddiction. The Art Bead Scene helps us create a …

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Jan 14

Best of the Ridiculously Long Time, Part 2 — COLOR

Here we go with Part 2 — COLOR!!! From Kandice Seeber at ColorAddiction, CiM Testing: Evil Queen and Count von Count, Tried & True: Effetre 219 Opaque Copper Green, There is no secret ingredient…., and Best Color 2008. Karolen’s been playing with CiM Sangre – A Luscious Pomegranate Red The Art Bead Scene gives us …

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Jan 11

Best of the Ridiculously Long Time Ending 1/11/2009

Okay. I admit it. The blogosphere hasn’t been THAT quiet; I just keep neglecting to post the “Best of.” But thanks to Tinroof saying how much she’s missed it, let’s see if we can’t get caught up a bit! Given how many are built up in the backlog, I’m going to break it down into …

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Nov 02

Best of the Week ending 11/2/2008

In between computer maintenance tasks and upgrades, I pause to bring you the Best of the Week! At Ghost Town Glass, Janine videos John creating a border collie in glass. Marcy Lamberson shares her Picasso-ish homework assignment from Sylvie Lansdowne‘s creativity class. Lydia Muell turns her love for roses into a new series of beads. …

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Oct 19

Best of the However Long Ending 10/19/2008

Some recent lampworking goodies gathered for your reading pleasure! Etsy recently published the Etsy Seller Handbook, a list of links to many articles on the nuts and bolts of selling on, of course, Etsy. If you love Lydia Muell’s beads, you’ll be blown away by her blown glass perfume bottles. Lori Anderson gets inspired by …

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Sep 21

Best of the Week ending 9/21/2008

It’s a veritable plethora of bloggy goodness out there this week!!! At the new Glass Arts blog on, Lori Greenberg finds two bead artists inspired by American Gothic. Seraphim Flameworks tests out the latest Double Helix odd lots and test batches. Karolen’s still learning about Pandora as she tries restriking some unstruck beads in …

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Sep 14

Best of the Fortnight ending 9/14/2008

Here’s your latest “Best of” list from the Lampworking Blogosphere!! Some COLORFUL posts this time: Dogmaw’s been experimenting with Glass Alchemy’s Jamboree lately. Karolen’s playing with Double Helix’s new Pandora. Kandice finds plenty to love in new and old Creation is Messy colors. We have two artist interviews: Lori Greenberg chats with Jill Symons, and …

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