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The business side of Art of the Firebird

Nov 20


No, not THAT kind of quickie ::frown::. I spent all evening doing all the show prep stuff that I know not to put off until the last minute but do so anyway. I always end up cleaning the last batch of beads on the last night, and then they have to be sorted, culled, placed …

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Nov 17

Branding & Being a Polymath

My business partner Andrea commented on Twitter this week that I totally fail at branding. I tweet about rescue dogs, academia, early music, lampwork and jewelry, words, health care, and politics. She’s not alone — I could almost have written that tweet, though mine would have said “I tweet about rescue cats, computing, lampwork and …

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Nov 09

I Don’t Do It Alone, Part II

Besides Gary, there’s one other critical person associated with my business — my occasional business partner Andrea, of Four Tails Lampwork. Although we have separate online businesses, we team up to do shows, and that works out VERY well for us. One reason is that our styles of work are complimentary but not copy-cat; she …

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Nov 08

I Don’t Do It Alone, Part I

Friday’s post might have sounded like I try to do everything with Art of the Firebird all by myself. Well, I don’t — there are two people on whom I rely! My husband, Gary, tends to stay behind the scenes most of the time, but he’s vital to my success. Any time there’s a problem …

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Nov 06

Running a Really Small Business

One thing I keep researching is managing a really, really small business like Art of the Firebird. Heaven knows there’s a lot of information out there about small businesses, but so much of it is geared toward either people who want to be consultants of some sort, toward people who are opening brick-and-mortar retail, or …

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Jan 17


I’m not hugely sure about this move, but after monitoring a lot of chatter, I’ve gone ahead and opened up a studio at Artfire.? At the very least, it is an alternative outlet to Etsy for beads that I want to sell as is. I’m planning to keep finished pieces, including earrings and the majority …

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Nov 30

Finally Live at 1000 Markets!

It took some doing, but my shop at 1000 Markets is finally approved and open for business! I got the products and new pictures up and resubmitted it on Thursday, only to get a message back today saying that my pendants needed to be offered ready-to-wear on a cord or chain. Well, the cord/chain wasn’t …

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Nov 28

Sometimes it IS the equipment

I've been struggling with photographing my lampwork, that is, when I could make myself TRY to photograph it with our Kodak point-and-shoot digital camera. No matter what I did, I ended up frustrated. It was almost impossible to get decently focused pictures even using the macro setting; getting enough light was a herculean task; finding …

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Nov 14

1000Markets — Maybe not…

I got this response back today: Hi, I appreciate the work you put into your product and that you took the time to set up your shop and seek approval. Unfortunately, we are focused on “finished” products and do not yet have a place for wonderfully handmade supplies like beads and yarn. There’s just one …

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Nov 13

1000 Markets

Andrea found a new online site for selling handmade craft items, 1000 Markets. As soon as she mentioned it on Twitter, I popped over and checked it out. I liked what I saw and signed up right away! It’s pretty easy to set things up, and the fees are comparable to other venues once you …

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