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The business side of Art of the Firebird

Oct 30


As I said in my last post, the lampworking community and my place in it has a lot to do with my current state of mind. Last year I started the Glass Haven as a response to what I thought was what people were saying about the existing forums: The Big Forum (BF) is too …

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Aug 28

How I Do It

Not too long ago, Twiggy, one of my fellow lampworking-forum members, said to me: I don’t know how you keep all your online stuff up to date, run a forum and actually get to melt any glass. As I told her: Ha ha ha. The secret is I DON’T do it all as well as …

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Aug 24

Trunk Show

Andrea and I had our trunk show up at Beaded Couture in Ellijay yesterday.? Although the weather was sort of spitty-drippy, people still came out to see us.? Andrea did most of the demonstrating because a) my arm was bothering me a bit (tingly fingers don’t make for good lampworking) and b) I do so …

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Jul 19

Ageism isn’t okay either.

Most of us know better by now than to make racist or sexist comments, at least in public.? Ageism, though, seems to still be considered fair game, at least among certain venues in the craftosphere. First there was this little gem from the Etsy Forums: Vanessa says (snip) Here’s the thing. We really want to …

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Jul 04

So what about Etsy?

I’ve had a very interesting time today reading some, ah, unofficial information about Etsy.? The official Etsy communiques like to make it sound like everything is sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and cute little kittens.? If you go digging a bit, though, you find there is a seething cesspool underneath. Since I don’t hang out …

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Jan 31

Back to the Future???

Time for another Flaming Hot! Blog It! You fall asleep and think you are dreaming. But really, you have just traveled through time forward 5 years. What does your glass world look like? Blog it! Hmmm.? Well, I think it looks, ah, full of glass… Seriously, now. Honestly, I’m not sure how different the studio, …

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Dec 29

Goals and Objectives

From Flaming Hot! How do you track the progress of your glass business? Do you set goals and benchmarks to be reached? Do you have detailed directives? Do you just plod along and let it happen? Tell us what you do to keep your business thriving. Blog it! Up until now I haven’t really had …

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Dec 07

Surprise! I sold something!

I had an email from PayPal this morning that I had received a payment.? Being inadequately caffeinated, I thought at first it was yet another scam.? But when I checked, I discovered that one of my handbound books had sold off of Etsy! Then I went over to Mincot’s this afternoon to have lunch, return …

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Dec 06

Get it Done — Flaming Hot! Blog-It

This week’s Flaming Hot Blog-It!: Being self employed has it?s rewards and challenges. How do you manage to get your work done? Blog it. I’m not altogether self-employed — I do have that “day job” teaching computer science. The lampworking is very much a side business.? It is very hard some days to come home, …

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Dec 04

The show, and Aunt Mary

DH’s Aunt Mary passed away today.? She’d been failing rapidly the past few days, so it was not surprising.? There will be a memorial service, probably next weekend, and she’s donated her body to Emory University (which I totally appreciate and approve of).? She wasn’t in any pain (thanks to a morphine drip), and evidently …

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