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“Work That Skirt” Workshop

When I found out that my new friend from ATS GS, Lara Baker Whelan, was giving a workshop up in Chattanooga, I immediately went to the website to sign up, even before telling Margali. Skirts and Romany 9/8 rhythms, what’s not to love?? Luckily Margali was all for the road trip with me (again, skirts …

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MidSummer in Athens Part III — ATS® Basket Dance

(Read Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already) Ah, ATS®, familiar territory after four months of classes with Lacy & the intensive General Skills workshop. But what is this? Baskets with it?? Yes, baskets. Jaki Hawthorne, director of Jahara Phoenix Dance Company in Lawrenceville, has adapted some of the traditional moves and added a couple of …

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MidSummer in Athens Part II — 9/8 Romany Workshop

(continued from Part I) After a quick break, Christy Fricks introduced the 9/8 musical rhythm, a staple of Turkish Romany dancing, to us. To a Westerner brought up on the standard 4/4 time signature and its variants, 9/8 seems a little, well, odd! If you were counting it out, you would literally count from one …

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MidSummer in Athens Part I — Drumming

Christy Fricks of Sulukule in Athens hosted a mid-July, day-long trio of workshops to celebrate the middle of summer. Andrea & I found out about it via Facebook, and said to each other “why not?” After all, Athens is less than 1.5 hours on good highway from Andrea’s house, we had the weekend free, and …

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A Few Words of Wisdom From ATS® GS

I thought I’d share with you some of the more notable words of wisdom I picked up during the General Skills Certification. Mostly they are paraphrased because I was writing too fast to write down exact quotes. Your brain lives in an ivory tower, and would prefer you not move at all. It wants you …

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ATS® General Skills Day 4 — The Finale

Day 4 opened at the usual time with a very welcome yoga mini-session to get everyone good and stretched out for the morning’s rather strenuous agenda of laybacks and floorwork. We were all cautioned that working on these moves was strictly optional and that anyone with Issues should NOT attempt anything that might hurt them! …

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ATS® General Skills Day 3

By the end of Day 2 my brain was full to the point of exploding, but we were only halfway done!! Fortunately, Day 3 started with some familiar steps, the head slide and rib rotation (which I know from earlier classes as chest circle). To that we added the beautiful and graceful camel walk step, …

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ATS® General Skills Day 2

On Day 2 we jumped right in to zills, ATS® style. Hmmm. Zills I can handle, if that’s ALL I have to handle. I can play the ATS® R-L-R pattern all day long, or at least until my wrists drop off. I can even walk with it. But with ATS®, whenever you are doing a …

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ATS® General Skills Day 1

It’s finally here — the Fat Chance Belly Dance American Tribal Style® General Skills Certification Workshop! (wow, that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?) I signed up months ago because it was HERE in Atlanta, and being taught by Carolena Nericcio herself with Megha Gavin of Devyani Dance Company in Birmingham, AL. With all good intentions, I …

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TribalCon Revisited

Here’s a little look behind the scenes at TribalCon 2012, courtesy of XSaahirahX