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Mar 05

List Me, Baby!

(C4ward March Blogathon Day 4) Five Goals to Achieve Sometime Before I Die Create jewelry items that tribal dancers buy, love, and wear while performing. Perform a solo at a major bellydance event like TribalCon. Travel to New Zealand, and maybe Australia too. DH & I don’t really care that much for travel, but we …

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Jan 12


It’s taken me a while to get to the point where I can write this post. We noticed shortly before Thanksgiving that Donovan, our youngest cat, was looking a little thin for him. I kept an eye on him for the next couple of weeks, and by the second week of December it was clear …

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Nov 27

Thanksgiving Break Lessons

…was far too short, and far too full of people for my taste. A family Thanksgiving dinner and a family milestone birthday party within four days were gatherings that were just too big, too noisy, too crowded and chaotic for my peace of mind, and that was with one whole branch of the family missing …

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Nov 18

Grief is a funny thing

I really didn’t cry at all when Dad died last month. But I have been in tears off and on all day today thinking about the three Good Mews cats that were euthanized in the past two and a half weeks. As I read the tributes to Theo on Facebook today, and contributed my own …

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Nov 02

Why I haven’t been blogging

There are multiple reasons, of course. It’s not like I’ve been totally incommunicado. I do post a lot on Facebook and I Tweet fairly often. That isn’t blogging of course; much of it is just curating & sharing other people’s links & photos & articles. I have been busy doing things, just not blogging. Andrea …

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Oct 15

My tribute to Dad

I wrote this for Dad’s memorial service. Julian Whitfield Benson,Jr. May 1, 1932 – October 8, 2011 Dad’s Memorial Service October 12, 2011 Thank all of you for coming out to honor and remember my father. Most of you know of his many accomplishments over the years, so I’m not going to recap those. Instead, …

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Dec 22

Meeting Lexie and Lenny

My brother Chris is a fellow animal lover and rescue volunteer, recently joining forces with Our Pal’s Place here in Marietta (I use the phrase “joining forces” advisedly because my brother is a force to be reckoned with!). Among the many tasks he takes on for them is being K9 coach, trainer, and friend of …

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