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10 Signs You Should Start Belly Dance Classes Now

Guest post by Amy Danielson of The Eye Atelier, reprinted by permission This list was compiled from the comments of lots and lots of belly dancers, and from the life experiences of Alexandra Moehagen and Amy Danielson. 1. You already wear all your jewelry at once. 2. When you listen to *any* music, you secretly …

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No, it isn’t!

ATSĀ® Meme

Even Bellydancers Have Memes

An Impromptu Performance

The weekend after July 4th my nanobusiness, Copper Dancer Designs, was at the Sandy Springs Artsapalooza to sell our jewelry. The AFFPS shows generally not only have an artist market, they have entertainment as well. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so good, and sometimes, well… Sunday at noon the stage hosted Aviva and the …

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TribalCon Revisited

Here’s a little look behind the scenes at TribalCon 2012, courtesy of XSaahirahX

How People View Bellydancing