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Mar 04

Sharing My Favorite Creative Work

K├Ąthe Kollwitz image

(C4ward March Blogathon Day 3 post, a day late because Monday is my insanely long day with no breathing room) What should I show as my favorite creative work? In what area did I DO my favorite creative work? Was it this pair of chainmaille earrings? Or these earrings made from one of my favorite …

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Nov 06

Don’t forget the attitude!

Three years ago, at the first show that Andrea and I did together, we saw the importance of a good attitude to having a successful show. This weekend's show is certainly testing our resolve at sticking to that principle. It's pretty tough to remain cheerful and friendly when the chill has penetrated your very bones, …

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Nov 05

All set up, come on down!!

This weekend is a biggie for us — it's Copper Dancer Designs' first big outdoor festival! We're heading over to Chastain Park for the second annual Chastain Park Arts Festival tomorrow and Sunday. It's going to be coooooold, I expect, with tonight's low at freezing or just below. By the time I get there tomorrow …

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Nov 20


No, not THAT kind of quickie ::frown::. I spent all evening doing all the show prep stuff that I know not to put off until the last minute but do so anyway. I always end up cleaning the last batch of beads on the last night, and then they have to be sorted, culled, placed …

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Nov 19

The Great Cabochon Experiment

I was told several years ago that if you have round beads that have broken in half due to thermal shock, you can use your kiln to slump them down into little oval cabochons and thereby make use of otherwise wasted glass. This certainly appealed to me, being one to not waste anything. I mean, …

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Nov 18

Show Prep

Unlike you may think, I don’t torch right up until the night before a show trying to make as much product as possible. Tonight, in fact, was likely my last session on the torch before this weekend’s Down the Street Bead Show. Anything that’s made on a mandrel — that means beads — has to …

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Nov 17

Branding & Being a Polymath

My business partner Andrea commented on Twitter this week that I totally fail at branding. I tweet about rescue dogs, academia, early music, lampwork and jewelry, words, health care, and politics. She’s not alone — I could almost have written that tweet, though mine would have said “I tweet about rescue cats, computing, lampwork and …

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Nov 12

On the Road to Roanoke

Observations: Even after rush hour ends, Atlanta traffic, even in the off-direction, is no fun. There’s a Carhartt outlet at Commerce. I wonder if they carry women’s stuff. Bulldogs are loveably slobbery fun to pet. Playing tug-of-war with a 40 pound bulldog is a good workout for your deltoids & such. The guys at Mountain …

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Nov 09

I Don’t Do It Alone, Part II

Besides Gary, there’s one other critical person associated with my business — my occasional business partner Andrea, of Four Tails Lampwork. Although we have separate online businesses, we team up to do shows, and that works out VERY well for us. One reason is that our styles of work are complimentary but not copy-cat; she …

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Nov 07

ALMOST Indestructable Mandrels

I work mostlywith borosilicate glass (better known as Pyrex), which tends to make me a mandrel-killer. These mandrels are stainless steel TIG welding rods so are meant to handle heat…just not the kind of heat I need to make that glass MOVE where and how it’s supposed to move. I burn through 3/32″ mandrels routinely …

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