Category: Flaming Hot

May 04

Best of the Fortnight ending 5/4/2008

Things are still a little slow in the blogosphere, so another Best of the Fortnight (ending 5/4/2008): At Watch Me Create, Kerry Bogart describes how she found a host of new possibilities from beads she already had in front of her. In response to a recent Flaming Hot! topic, Amy Kuczewski describes a week in …

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Mar 16

Best of the Week ending 3/16/2008

Here they are — the best posts from the world of lampworkers’ blogs for the week ending 3/16/2008! Lori Greenberg has just set up The Glass Directory, a free directory of all things glassworking-related. List yourself in it; use it as you plan your next trip and add on some glassy goodness! Does one’s Muse …

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Mar 09

Best of the Week ending 3/9/2008

Once again, the best lampworking blogs of the week, for the week ending March 9, 2008: Etsy’s The Storque newsletter brings us ideas for doing a craft show withougtbreaking the bank. “Bead porn” has to be special to make Best of the week — Amy Kuzcewski’s Khaos set and quark set are definitely something drool-worthy! …

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Feb 25

Best of the Week 2/24/08

Ran a bit late posting this because I’ve been mostly out of pocket the past five days, but here you are, for your reading pleasure! Best lampwork blog postings for the week ending 2/24/2008: Amy the Flamekeeper puts the old saying of “location, location, location” into a proper context for the Internet. Lori Greenberg (aka …

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Jan 31

Back to the Future???

Time for another Flaming Hot! Blog It! You fall asleep and think you are dreaming. But really, you have just traveled through time forward 5 years. What does your glass world look like? Blog it! Hmmm.? Well, I think it looks, ah, full of glass… Seriously, now. Honestly, I’m not sure how different the studio, …

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Jan 28

The little things…

Last week Flaming Hot asked us: What are the little ways you enjoy glass and the business you run? That was a stumper for me, because there’s not much about glass that I don’t enjoy.? If anything, it would be easier to say what I DON’T enjoy about glass and the business I run. There …

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Jan 12

My current staple glass object

From Flaming Hot We all hang on to the familiar. What is your staple glass object you continue to make and why? Blog it! My staple glass object right now would have to be something like this: These are really just very basic beads from boro glass. I start by making a twistie cane of …

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Dec 29

Goals and Objectives

From Flaming Hot! How do you track the progress of your glass business? Do you set goals and benchmarks to be reached? Do you have detailed directives? Do you just plod along and let it happen? Tell us what you do to keep your business thriving. Blog it! Up until now I haven’t really had …

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Dec 06

Get it Done — Flaming Hot! Blog-It

This week’s Flaming Hot Blog-It!: Being self employed has it?s rewards and challenges. How do you manage to get your work done? Blog it. I’m not altogether self-employed — I do have that “day job” teaching computer science. The lampworking is very much a side business.? It is very hard some days to come home, …

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Nov 21

Etching beads

This week’s Flaming Hot! Tips Tuesday discusses etching beads.? That’s one of those techniques I’ve never gotten around to yet, so I’m reading everyone’s tips with great interest.? Apparently milk (not skim, has to contain fat) is the magic ingredient to stop the chemical process.? Who would have thought it! I’m pretty sure etching won’t …

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