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What I Did on My Spring Break

I took Marjorie Langston’s glass beadmaking classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School in western North Carolina. Yes, I could have stayed home all week and torched, but I would have had a multitude of distractions and no feedback. This way I learned new techniques, played with new ideas, fed off of my classmates’ …

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Off for a week

Nothing here for the next week — I will be up at the John C. Campbell Folk School taking lampworking classes with Marjorie Langston. I promise a report when I return!

On being a glass artist

I want to make beads that other people will love and want to buy from me. I’m not sure yet exactly what style of beads I will be making, but it will not be just today’s hot style of beads. I’m going to make beads that I love, and then let other people that love …

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This has been a painful weekend, literally. Yesterday at Good Mews, Hondo tried to take another chunk out of my hand. I was scratching his ears, and he seemed to be enjoying it. But with no warning, CHOMP right into my thumb, nice and deep. 36 hours later there doesn’t seem to be any infection, …

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eBay and Katrina — a Rant

Lampworker Kim Neely, who lives a mere 70 miles north of New Orleans, posted an eBay auction on Thursday, with 100% of the proceeds to benefit the Red Cross’s Hurricane Katrina effort. Some other eBay seller ratted her out and eBay pulled her auction (they only pull listings for violations if someone brings it to …

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Visiting Southern Flames

I went to my first Southern Flames meeting tonight, and even got to have dinner with some of the other members before. Judy had posted a message on Lampwork Etc. asking who was going, and when I chimed in to say I was going to try to make it and please be nice to the …

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Some Days You Got It, Some Days You Don’t

Shouldn’t have bothered turning on the torch tonight. I just didn’t have it. I struggled to get four or five beads wound on, so finally I gave up and just practiced pulling stringer and making twisties for a bit. The stringers were okay, but the twisties were mostly pretty crappy as well. Yeah, some days …

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Note to Self:

Make sure you are picking up the correct end of the glass rod BEFORE you touch it. Touching the hot end is Bad. Your fingertips will thank you for considering them. At the moment three of mine are whimpering a bit because I didn’t pay attention. Ouch. Note number 2: It might be smart to …

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I’m torched!

I’ve been quiet because, as of last Saturday night, the lampworking part of my studio is up and running!!! I spent four evenings running in there melting glass onto mandrels to my heart’s content. The last two nights I haven’t been in there, only because I haven’t gotten home until nearly 8 p.m. and have …

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We’ve spent the last week changing stuff around at home. Basically, we decided that I couldn’t really get my lampworking stuff set up in my current studio, plus it was a total disaster and the space wasn’t being well-used. So we have opted to make what was the studio (the larger of the two back …

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