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How Simple Can It Be?

We were in Barnes & Noble this afternoon, surprise surprise. As I looked through the “Last Chance” rack, I spied a glossy full-color cookbook entitled Simple Chocolate Step by Step. Um, excuse me, how simple can chocolate be? Unwrap Break off a piece Place piece in mouth Savor slowly and contemplatively

A Little Late-Evening Excitement

Tonight we were comfortably ensconced on the bed reading. Just before ten, we started to hear voices outside. Shortly after, a large Something drove past, stopped, and backed up. We looked out to find a FIRE ENGINE parked outside our front door :-O! We didn’t smell smoke or anything, but naturally we wanted to know …

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Just Not Right

I just haven’t felt right the last couple of days. Bleah. Yesterday I was okay in the morning up at the ‘Bou, but then got shaky before we got to lunch. IHOP was just claustrophobically crowded, which didn’t help. Aunt Mary wasn’t in (she was at the ER at Emory, it turns out) so we …

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Just Updating

Not much going on. My class is working on labs. Some of them actually seem to be on track with their work, thank goodness. Art Night at the ‘Bou Friday was fun even though it was just Colleen and me this week. I did a little more work on my tip-ins, and started working on …

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Just Catchin’ Up

Mood: sleepy. Hooray, I finished up and mailed Ann-Marie’s book today. I had to struggle to get my two spreads photographed and to glue down the stuff on my second spread thanks to Lorraine’s crappy work. Then I got to struggle to get the book into its box and packed properly :-(. I hope that …

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A slightly belated giving of thanks

So yesterday I was contemplating the list of things for which I am thankful:

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