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“Work That Skirt” Workshop

When I found out that my new friend from ATS GS, Lara Baker Whelan, was giving a workshop up in Chattanooga, I immediately went to the website to sign up, even before telling Margali. Skirts and Romany 9/8 rhythms, what’s not to love?? Luckily Margali was all for the road trip with me (again, skirts …

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MidSummer in Athens Part II — 9/8 Romany Workshop

(continued from Part I) After a quick break, Christy Fricks introduced the 9/8 musical rhythm, a staple of Turkish Romany dancing, to us. To a Westerner brought up on the standard 4/4 time signature and its variants, 9/8 seems a little, well, odd! If you were counting it out, you would literally count from one …

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MidSummer in Athens Part I — Drumming

Christy Fricks of Sulukule in Athens hosted a mid-July, day-long trio of workshops to celebrate the middle of summer. Andrea & I found out about it via Facebook, and said to each other “why not?” After all, Athens is less than 1.5 hours on good highway from Andrea’s house, we had the weekend free, and …

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