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Don’t Ever Call Me A SJW: Words Matter

The backstory is here. Standard Language & Vernacular (Note: I’m not a linguist in any way, shape, or form, so these are my thoughts based on my observations alone. Those of you with academic training in this area may disagree; if so, feel free to discuss it politely.) Words are a means of communication. They …

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Don’t Ever Call Me A SJW: The Backstory

Last night I came to the support of a friend (let’s refer to her as TJ) who had posted in one of the local liberal Facebook groups. She was just trying to let off a little steam after leaving a different group with a similar orientation, after other members of that group had called her …

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Islamic Bogeyman, Redneck Reality

Last weekend on Twitter, I responded to Ibrahim Moustafa (@Ibrahim_M_), and then kept on thinking about the exchange. It’s absolutely true. During my teaching career, I had many, many students from not only the seven countries affected by the executive order banning entry to the U.S., I had students from other majority-Muslim countries not affected …

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Political Thoughts, Part 1 — How I Think, 2016 Version

(Oh, my poor neglected little blog, it’s sad that it took this to bring me back to you. But social media doesn’t provide the space I need for these thoughts.) A couple of weeks ago, one of my former students openly challenged me, not once but twice, on my posting of numerous anti-Trump/anti-conservative-agenda memes via …

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Celebrities vs. Politics

Last Tuesday night I had been one of the 180,000+ viewers, via YouTube, of State Senator Wendy Davis’s epic filibuster against the Texas abortion regulation bill. Wednesday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court had issued its rulings overturning California Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, two days after they gutted major provisions of the …

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Black Friday

It’s Tuesday night, and I am already sick sick SICK of the Black Friday commercials. WalMart, Target, BestBuy, Toys ‘R’ Us — I loathe all of you. Thank you for putting a huge damper on my enjoyment of the limited amount of TV I watch (DWTS finals!). </sarcasm>.

It’s too frickin’ early for Christmas stuff!

It’s bad enough that we’re already inundated with holiday commercials and that Christmas merchandise was already flooding the store shelves before Halloween even arrived. All of the holiday arts & crafts shopping events seem to happen in November, too.  WTF??? Seriously, the Christmas season should run from the day after Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day. With the way …

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Why I haven’t been blogging

There are multiple reasons, of course. It’s not like I’ve been totally incommunicado. I do post a lot on Facebook and I Tweet fairly often. That isn’t blogging of course; much of it is just curating & sharing other people’s links & photos & articles. I have been busy doing things, just not blogging. Andrea …

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ITP Parking Blues

Dear City of Atlanta, As a destination for someone in a car, you suck. You outsourced your on-street parking control to some outfit called ParkAtlanta, and took the individual parking meters in Midtown away. Evidently you replaced them with these oh-so-environmentally-correct "Pay Stations," one for every 10 or so parking spots: Notice the color of …

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Why I’m Not Feeling the Love at Work

Dear Female Colleague, I heard through the grapevine today that you don't think I'm "pulling my fair share of the load." Interesting. I'd like to ask you a few questions, and make a few comments, about that if I may. Just what is a "fair share of the load"? Who established that metric, how is …

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