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Rant and rave.

Oh, no! I’ve been voted off the island! HORRORS!!!

Looks like some of my comments in my December entry offended. I’ve been kicked out of one of the Yahoo! groups, ostensibly for failing to complete a swap by the end of January, but I suspect that was not the REAL reason. Oh, gosh, I think I’m supposed to be all upset and heartbroken. Let’s …

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Yes, I’m frustrated. About what, you ask? Work? No, work’s no worse than usual and in fact better than some semesters, especially since I’m running the state BOR CS dog-and-pony show on Thursday and Friday. At least there I get to hang with a couple of friends for a bit. Home? Hah! Home life is …

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Yet another bleah day

Mood: crabby. Yet another nasty sucky gray dreary drippy disgusting day. This makes, what, five in a row? Eewwwww. Even my hair doesn’t like this. It doesn’t know whether to go limp or curly. The only saving grace is that it could be 20 degrees colder (OTOH if it was THIRTY degrees colder I wouldn’t …

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