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Feb 10

WordCamp Atlanta 2012

I’ve decided that most professional conferences are, as far as I am concerned, not really worth it for me. I’m far more interested in improving my technical knowledge than listening to a bunch of educators blather about what is the most appropriate pedagogical approach to computing, or in listening to a different bunch of academics …

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Nov 15

I’d Rather Do It Myself

I found out today that one of the two people we hired to teach CS this year is quitting at the end of the semester. That’s all I know about it because I didn’t want to pry for the gory details in such a public setting, but my suspicion is that he didn’t really have …

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Nov 11

It’s Too Soon To Have Short-Timer’s Syndrome

What I was supposed to do today vis-a-vis attending the CCSC:SE Conference: Drive up to Furman University Attend a digital forensics workshop Network with other presenters over lunch Sit through a keynote address Attend two paper/panel/workshop sessions Have dinner with colleagues at the banquet and enjoy the featured speaker What I REALLY did today: Drove …

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Nov 03

After twenty years, a first

One of my students came up after class this evening and handed me an invitation to this month’s Phi Theta Kappa honor society induction, saying that I and my class meant a great deal to her and she wanted me to know that. When I read the entire thing, I was very touched, and quite …

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Jan 10

WordCamp Atlanta 2010

I spent the past day and a half downtown at the inaugural WordCamp Atlanta, which turned out to be one of the best technical/professional conferences I’ve ever attended. Usually I find that there is at least one time slot, and usually several, where there is no presentation in which I am interested. Not so this …

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Dec 19

A Followup Letter

Following up with My Latest Special Snowflake: Dear Student, Rest assured, the grade you saw this week on your semester grade report was the grade you EARNED in my class. Let me repeat that. I did not GIVE you that grade, you EARNED it. As far as discussing that grade with you, I do not …

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Dec 04

My Latest Special Snowflake

Received via email tonight (personal data changed to protect the student’s identity): hello professor this is ********** in your ********** class, according to a friend in the class that you gave back the exam 2 grades in class which i asked you for it before i left the class on monday, you told me you …

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Nov 28

Photo Woes

I was trying to photograph some of my chainmaille bracelets tonight to get them listed at 1000 Markets and Artfire. Photography isn’t my favorite part of the process, but tonight was particularly aggravating. One problem I’ve had in the past is getting a clearly focused picture because I run into depth of field issues. In …

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Nov 15

Oh well, NaBloPoMo Fail

In case you didn’t notice it, there was no blog post last night. It was a crazy but fun day, but at the end both Dee and I were wiped out. I got up yesterday and got on over to Roanoke College to make sure my programming team was ready to compete and to answer …

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Nov 13

Insanity is Hereditary…

…mostly you get it from your children, but if you are a college professor who is also a programming team advisor, you can also get it from your students, especially when they call you on their travels to share with you their more, ah, interesting adventures and observations. Apparently one of those observations included a …

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